2017 Short Story Contest Winners!

Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 Short Story Contest hosted by the Clermont County Public Library. This year the contest received 51 adult entries and 26 teen entries. The first, second and third place winners in both the adult and teen categories have been selected.

Adult Winners

First Place: Jim Tom’s Tree by Paula Hayden.
Second Place: Martial Law: Cincinnati September 2, 1862 by Colleen Bens.
Third Place: The Queen’s Legacy by Bridget Franer.

Teen Winners

First Place: Lula’s Grey by Isabella Marie Z. Rodgers.
Second Place: Guardian Angel by Clair Stroup.
Third Place: They by William Sack.


The manuscripts were judged in a blind format where the judges of both categories did not know the names of the authors and each work was evaluated independently. The highest scoring entries from the adult category were passed along to Professor Kelly Murray Frigard of the University of Cincinnati Clermont College. The highest scoring entries from the youth category were sent to Melissa Vonderheide the librarian from the West Clermont Middle School. Both final judges read the highest scoring entries without knowing the authors and then chose the first, second, and third place winners for their category.

Words can be powerful and personal. We would like to express our gratitude to those of you that shared your writing with us. It is never an easy task to judge entries and we received many wonderful tales including those that did not place.


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