4 Bright and Colorful Picture Books

4 Bright and Colorful Picture Books

Family reading together

Help your child get ready to read

Reading with a child is the single most important thing that a parent or caregiver can do to help a child get ready to read. You should start reading to your child as soon as she is born or even before. Reading picture books to your child helps her build her vocabulary and learn how stories work. Reading together also creates a lasting bond between you and cultivates a love of books and reading.

It is important to choose picture books with bright colorful illustrations and rich text that tells simple story. This will allow your child to talk about what is going on in the pictures and to retell the story when you are finished reading. Both of these activities help your child to build narrative skills which are important when learning to read. These skills will help your child understand what he is reading.

Here are four picture books to get you started.

Cover of Sheep Dog and Sheep Sheep

Sheep Dog and Sheep Sheep by Eric Barclay

This book has both colorful illustrations and a simple story with a rich vocabulary. Sheep Dog takes care of the sheep, but Sheep Sheep thinks she is the one taking care of the sheep and that Sheep Dog needs some help. As Sheep Sheep gets the things that she thinks Sheep Dog will need, Sheep Dog keeps her out of trouble. You and your child will laugh out loud as you try to figure out what will happen next. The surprise ending will also delight.

Cover of Dog and Rabbit

Dog and Rabbit by Barney Saltzberg

Dog and Rabbit are both looking for a friend. Rabbit finds out that friends aren’t always who you think they are. The simple text and soft simple illustrations create a story about friendship. Children ages 2- 4 will love talking about the pictures as they go along with Dog and Rabbit and their quest for a friend. This story is great for retelling and building comprehension skills.

Cover of Tessa takes Wing

Tessa takes Wing by Richard Jackson

This is a beautifully illustrated story about baby Tessa. Your baby will love following her and her dog as she climbs out of her crib at night and plays while everyone else is asleep. As you hold your child in your lap, point out items in the pictures and name them. Talk about what baby Tessa is doing. Most of all, have fun and enjoy reading with your baby.

Cover of Bad Dog

Bad Dog by Mike Boldt

When a little girl gets her birthday wish, a “dog”, she is so happy until she realizes that “Rocky” is bad at being a dog. The humor in this book makes it a pleasure for both you and your child to read which will add to your child’s love of reading. You can discuss all the things that make Rocky a bad dog but a good (?).


In conclusion, reading is the single best way to help your child get ready to read. The library has many picture books with bright, colorful illustrations and fun, simple stories that will make reading fun for both you and your child.

Kim is a Youth Services Specialist at the Owensville Branch Library.

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