It is the intent of the Library to provide a safe and healthy workplace environment and to promote the health and well being of employees. In accordance with ORC Chapter 3794, the following Smoke Free Workplace Policy is adopted and shall apply to all employees, volunteers, visitors, and contracted service vendors of the Clermont County Public Library.

In compliance with ORC Chapter 3794, it is the policy of the Clermont County Public Library to prohibit the use of any tobacco product on its premises. Tobacco use is only permitted within the confines of the employee’s, customer’s, volunteer’s, and contracted service vendor’s vehicles. This policy applies to the following:

  • All areas of buildings occupied by employees, volunteers and/or customers.
  • All company sponsored off-site conferences and meetings
  • All vehicles owned and /or leased by the Library
  • All visitors (customers, volunteers and vendors) to Library premises
  • All contractors and consultants and/or their employees working on Library premises
  • All temporary employees and/or volunteers

Complaint Procedures

  • Any complaints about the application of this policy must be brought to the attention of the Human Resources Manager and/or the Executive Director.
  • The complaint must be submitted in writing and identify specific objections or comments. The Library will investigate the complaint and resolve it in accordance to the stated policy and state law.
  • No employee/customer/vendor or volunteer shall suffer any form of retaliation for raising a complaint or asking a question concerning this policy.

Approved by Clermont County Public Library Board of Trustees, January 8, 2007