Adult Coloring Books = Stress Relief

Adult Coloring Books = Stress Relief

adult coloringIf you are feeling stressed out and anxious your doctor might suggest that you buy a box of crayons and color.  Walk into any store and you will most likely see a display of adult coloring books.  There are a variety of adult coloring books:  from animals and garden to popular TV shows.  The most popular design are coloring pages with Mandalas.   The  symmetrical patterns producing a calming effect in the person coloring.

The benefits of coloring as a remedy to stress  have been known since the early 1900s according to a December 2015 Fox News broadcast.   Carl Jung is known to have prescribe coloring to his patients as a remedy to stress and anxiety.  Something doctors still follow today.   Dr. Ben Michaelis, New York based clinical psychologist, stated  on the broadcast  that coloring activates the logic part of the brain and generates creativity.

Coloring books can be found online or in a brick store.  Those topping the best seller list include:  The Secret Garden by Joann Basford, The Enchanted Forest by Joann Basford, The Mindfulness Coloring book, Coloring Mandalas,  Balance: Angie’s extreme stress benders, Color Me Calm, Flower Designs coloring books, Art Nouveau Animal Designs, Creative Coloring Inspirations, and  dia de los Muertos.

If you are not ready to invest in a coloring books you can download some free coloring pages off the internet.  Googling free adult coloring pages is one way to obtain them.  Also try these websites for free printables:

Coloring pages for adults


Free Mandala Coloring pages – print out free mandala coloring pages

Dover Publications – free samples and coloring pages sent to your email.

Check out  the Union Township Branch Library’s coloring  station.  Adult coloring sheets are put out weekly along with colored pencils and markers.  On May 10, 4-7 p.m. there will be a coloring event at the branch.

Creativity, mindfulness, stress release, connecting to your inner child, or returning to happy memories ………release your creativity and relax!