Art or Junk?

Art or Junk?

art or junkMany of us creative types have to overcome a sense of paranoia about our own work. Is it good enough? Who am I kidding? No one will ever like this! Mom was right I should have gotten a real job! Sometimes facing the blank page or empty canvas can be like climbing a mountain in sandals; it seems close to impossible and it will probably hurt. But once you get that first dab of paint, or first step, or first note the rest (usually) falls into place.

But what makes art, art? To help motivate you to get your own pen to paper here are five artists whose art could be considered junk.

1.) David Pollot takes unwanted, old paintings and adds pop culture figures to make them more interesting. Some herald his use of color and technique genius; others claim it’s nothing but fluff. I don’t know about you, but I would love to have one of these framed in my living room.

2.) Pop Sonnets is a tumblr/blog that takes modern songs and changes them into Shakespearean sonnets. The most recent entries poke fun at The Eagles, “Already Gone” and David Bowie’s, “Heroes” – too soon, pop sonnets, too soon.

3.) Jedi Cats is a youtube sensation that features live cats with digital light sabers. You’re just going to have to watch it for yourself to understand. Is this art? I…..don’t think I can call judgment on anything that relates to Star Wars.

4.) Chad Sorg is co-creator of the International Car Forest, which features a bunch of junk cars randomly sticking up out of the Nevada landscape. Art or a serious case of littering?paint

5.) Valeria Larko loves to paint landscapes, only instead of the pastoral views of well lit farmlands, Valeria paints urban settings. Her artwork includes rusted and derelict buildings, slashed with bright graffiti. Just because it isn’t pretty, doesn’t mean it isn’t art, right?


I hope this list helps you find the creative genius in you and if you need help, visit our online calendar for more information about art programs at the library.