Early literacy resources: Cat Literacy Kit

Early literacy resources: Cat Literacy Kit

All 10 of our branches have a wonderful resource for little ones called literacy kits. They’re storytimes in a bag and they’re perfect when you’re on the go! We have literacy kits for two age levels. The first one is for ages 0-2 and the second one is for ages 3-5. In each kit, you’ll find a toy, five books, a music CD, a sheet of rhymes as well as fingerplays. The best way to develop early literacy is to read the stories in the kit with your child.

What’s in the Cat Literacy Kit

One of the themes for ages 0-2 is Cats.  This kit consists of five book titles.  They are:

  • Find the Kitten illustrated by Stephen Cartwright
  • Kittens an Usborne Touchy-Feely
  • Have You Seen My Cat? by Eric Carle
  • Fat Cat on a Mat by Usborne
  • Cleo’s Alphabet Book

The music CD Three Silly Little Kittens:  Children’s Favorite Songs which are action songs, sing a-longs, and movie themes as well as classic children’s songs.  Singing with children helps them to develop new vocabulary and sound out words and hear the distinct sound in the words.

Use the cat puppet to extend the story and strengthen your kiddos’ narrative skills.   Fingerplays are great to practice writing skills.  I Know a Cat has the children spell out the word Kitty, which strengthens their letter recognition.

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Written with assistance from  Cristy Mack, Youth Services Specialist, at the Goshen Branch Library.

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