The transition of Lynda.com to LinkedIn Learning is on hold. LinkedIn, the parent company of LinkedIn Learning, provided the following information Sept. 19:

First, thank you for being a valued customer and working so closely with us on the migration from Lynda.com to LinkedIn Learning. While we are excited about the learning experience we offer on LinkedIn Learning, we’ve made the decision to pause your transition which had been scheduled for November 4, 5, 6 and 7th.
While we’ve worked with many of our public library customers on this transition, we recognize that there are ongoing concerns about some of the changes we are making. This pause will give us time to continue our discussions with the library community and understand if we can build an online learning solution that meets the needs of public libraries and library patrons. While we cannot commit to any changes in our approach at this time, this pause will give us time to have the right, thoughtful discussions.
Thank you for your patience during this process. For now, please continue to use Lynda.com to help your patrons learn new skills.
We will be in touch on next steps once we determine a path forward.

Previous information:

This summer, Lynda.com’s parent company, LinkedIn, will absorb the content into a new platform called LinkedIn Learning. LinkedIn Learning will be integrated with other LinkedIn features, and therefore will require former-Lynda.com users to have a LinkedIn account.

What you’ll see:

  • If you have a LinkedIn account, log into it, then verify your library card number and PIN. Once authorized, you’ll get introductory information about LinkedIn Learning, and then proceed to the content. Any Lynda.com history — learning paths saved, playlists compiled, certificates earned — will transfer over.
  • If you don’t have a LinkedIn account, you’ll need to create one and complete LinkedIn’s introductory process. After that, you can use your library card and PIN to get access to LinkedIn Learning as above.

With LinkedIn Learning, users will receive more personalized recommendations for Lynda.com content, suggesting courses and learning paths that are more closely aligned with their career goals and educational interests.

Without a LinkedIn account, you will not be able to reach Lynda.com content, including any certificates you’ve acquired or courses you’ve completed.

Patrons with certificates stored on Lynda.com may want to download them. Certificates can be accessed from the user menu located at the top right of the Lynda.com page.