How to get the most from Consumer Reports online

How to get the most from Consumer Reports online

consumer reportsConfused about which car seat to buy? Not sure if you can trust the anonymoust reviews on Amazon? Don’t! You can access Consumer Reports, trusted professional reviews, from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Whatever you’re looking for: air conditioner, lawn mower, charcoal grill or tablet, you can find reviews for it. Consumer Reports  offers product reviews for just about anything.

Let’s get started!

  1. Visit the library’s website
  2. On the top menu bar, go to eLibrary
  3. All databases/eResources
  4. Click Consumer Reports

From there, the information is separated into:

  • Product Reviews
  • News
  • Take Action

Let’s explore those.

Product Reviews

Explore products you want to buy by researching them first. From an overall score of 0 to 100, Consumer Reports will tell you want products work the best for you and your budget. Each product shows the overall score and price next to it.

While searching for a car seat, I found 34 models of car seats. The top car seat received a score of 82 out of 100 at a price of $300. Consumer Reports rated the Crash Protection, Ease of Use, Rear Latch, Rear Belt, Forward Latch and Forward Belt with this car receiving a very good to excellent in all categories.


Consumer Reports gives the latest news on all consumer related information. The newest articles display on the first page and older articles are on the previous pages. One of the newest articles, “How to Save Back-to-School Supplies,” offers strategies for the cost saver in your household. The article suggests when to buy the basics, electronics and apparel.

Take Action

This section offers consumers the opportunity to sign petitions, battle outrageous fees or to simply tell their story.

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This article was written by David Hawkins, LA Specialist at the Owensville Branch Library.

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