The Library has a limited supply of free Rapid COVID-19 Antigen At-Home Test Kits. Call your branch to check availability. The kits may only be picked up using our no-contact curbside service or Bethel’s drive-thru window. The tests must be taken at home. Library staff members cannot assist guests beyond handing out the test kits. These proctored tests are administered by eMed and require the download of the NAVICA app via Apple App Store or Google Play App Store to your smart tablet or smartphone. 

The Library is working in partnership with the Ohio Department of Health to provide these tests to Clermont County residents.


  • Windows or Mac/Apple laptop with a webcam (or a desktop computer with an adjustable/moveable webcam), microphone, and speaker. (While it is easier to take the test using a computer and smart tablet or smartphone, it can be completed using just a smart tablet or smartphone.)
  • An Apple phone/tablet or an Android phone/tablet.
  • An email address.
  • An internet connection.
  • Download of the NAVICA app.

If you do not have access to these resources, call eMed customer support at 844-943-0753. If they are not able to solve your issue, then at-home testing may not be the best option for you. In-person testing is available at pharmacies, urgent cares, or other health centers. Please contact your healthcare provider if you need a referral.

Pick Up

  1. Call your local branch to schedule a pick-up time. Staff will ask the number of kits being requested. The Library asks that only one kit be requested per family/household member.
  2. Park in a Library parking lot and call the library’s number. In Bethel, use the drive-thru window.
  3. Inform library staff that you are picking up the COVID-19 Testing Kit(s).
  4. A staff member will deliver your testing kit(s) to the curbside service table near the front door of the library or through the drive-thru window at the Bethel Branch.
  5. Take the test kit home. Tests may not be completed in a Clermont County Public Library building. The kit must be placed on a flat surface while taking the test.
  6. The Library continues to ask that guests with COVID-19 symptoms, or those who are feeling ill, refrain from entering the library. If guests are ill, experiencing symptoms, or have been exposed to someone who is ill or experiencing symptoms, they should not come to the library to get a kit. Please send a family member or friend to pick up the kit.

Branch locations

  • Amelia – 513-752-5580 (58 Maple St.)
  • Batavia – 513-732-2128 (180 S. Third St.)
  • Bethel – 513-734-2619 (611 W. Plane St.)
  • Felicity – 513-876-4134 (209 Prather Road)
  • Goshen – 513-722-1221 (6678 State Route 132)
  • Miami Township – 513-248-0700 (5920 Buckwheat Road)
  • New Richmond – 513-553-0570 (103 River Valley Blvd.)
  • Owensville – 513-732-6084 (2548 U.S. 50)
  • Union Township – 513-528-1744 (4450 Glen Este-Withamsville Road)
  • Williamsburg – 513-724-1070 (594 Main St.)

Helpful hints

  • The eMed proctor is not a healthcare provider but is qualified to administer the test and read the results.
  • Ensure that you have plenty of space in front of you to use the test kit. The test card must lay flat on a hard surface.
  • The eMed proctor will have you adjust your webcam at various times during the testing. You must have a webcam that can be moved (laptop webcams work great – if you have a desktop webcam it needs to be repositionable). The proctor will need to view the test kit on the surface in front of you at certain times and will need to view you (the patient) at other times. For the test to be valid, follow all of the proctor’s instructions. The proctor must be able to view the test card during the 15 minutes the test runs or it will be invalidated.
  • You will need to scan the QR code on the test card with your webcam at two separate times. Make sure you hold the QR code up to the webcam when instructed. Keep the QR code in the center of the camera and hold it as still as possible.
  • A step-by-step User Guide can be found here.

The COVID tests have an expiration date of September 10, 2021, however Abbott, the manufacturer of the tests has extended the expiration date to December 10, 2021. See the attached letter from Abbott (PDF).