Cozy Books to Read Aloud

Cozy Books to Read Aloud

cozy books

When the skies turn gray and the weather tends more to storms than sunshine, nothing is quite so picturesque as curling up inside, warm and dry, with a great book. If you’ve got loved ones around – your children, partner, siblings, parents, even a pet – why not expand the joy and read aloud to one another? awwwwww..

Below are some cozy books to share out loud, whether together with friends or alone for your own enjoyment.

Picture Books

This folktale, featuring a conglomeration of fuzzy and utterly agreeable animals, is sure to delight listeners of all ages.

There are many renditions of this classic German story; some are cheery and bright, some are eerie and mysterious. Consider listening to Tchaikovsky’s ballet as you read for an immersive experience.

Oh, Dr. Seuss. Whose heart wouldn’t grow three sizes reading this classic tale of crankiness, super-sneaky-decoration-snatching shenanigans, and redemption? And is there a more adorable tot than Cindy Lou Who?

Soft and sweet and vaguely melancholy, this story is perfect for those still, dark winter nights.


Field’s poems include classics such as “Wynken, Blynken, and Nod,” and blur the line between dreams and reality delightfully. Children will love these poems for their whimsical and fantastic settings and characters.

Robert Frost is synonymous with Americana; let his idyllic rural settings and thoughtful tone lull your company into quiet musings.

He’s dark, mysterious, thrilling, and not just for spooky nights or grade school reports. Try listening to his short story “The Tell-Tale Heart” with your companions and watch as everyone snuggles closer together in shivery suspense.

We’ve all heard this one before; like The Nutcracker, this poem has been adapted and re-illustrated many times, so there’s sure to be at least one version that appeals to you and yours.

Chapter Books

This tale of the triumphs and tragedies of four sisters will both break and warm hearts. You could also try one of Alcott’s other works, such as

  • Little Men—a continuation of Little Women for and about a new generation
  • Eight Cousins—the story of one quiet, lonely little girl sent to live with her aunts, where she meets seven rambunctious boys who happen to be her cousins.

–And for stories like Alcott’s with so many characters involved, everyone can have a turn reading aloud!

cozy books

Less cozy than intense, the adventure stories of Jack London abound with wolves and wild wastes. Whether you’re the outdoorsy type yourself or prefer the luxuries of modern civilization, London’s work will make you say “wow.”

A perennial favorite, this book-turned-movie will take you and your listeners on an adventure through the stony mines, misty mountains, and verdant forests of Middle Earth without anyone’s having to leave the house.

How delightful to sip hot cocoa, reveling in the softness of your slippers and the marvel of electric lighting, while you recount the timeless story of this brave family’s adventures on the wild American frontier.

In conclusion

What are some of your favorite cozy stories to share when it’s cold outside? Visit one of our branches and check out a copy of an old friend today!

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