Our staff has developed school readiness kits with 14 different topics. Each topic has five kits for ages 0-2 and five kits for ages 3-5. The topics are designed to help children develop their early literacy skills and be ready to learn how to read when they start school.

  • Letter Knowledge: Learning the Alphabet; Let’s Talk About Shapes
  • Letter and Word Sounds: Rhyme Time; Sing a Story
  • Fine Motor Skills: Busy Fingers; Crafty Fingers
  • Managing Emotions: Feelings; Problem Solving; Move Your Body; I Can Do It!
  • Knowing Books: Colors, Numbers, and Shapes; Stories with Animals; Fun with Numbers; Nursery Rhymes

Each kit contains:

  • Five books.
  • An educational toy.
  • A laminated insert that describes the skill used in the kit and suggests several ways to use the toy, as well as information about how to find music for children on Hoopla.

Up to five kits can be checked out on the same card at one time.

Check out one of our kits designed to encourage your child’s developing literacy skills. Each kit contains books, a CD, an educational toy, and a card with fingerplays all centered around a theme like colors or shapes.