Kids Infobits Online Resource

Kids Infobits Online Resource

Like many of you I am the parent of a school age child who will be spending a lot more time at home over the next few weeks.  My spouse and I are both working from home and trying to juggle keeping up with our work while making sure our son is doing more than watching Teen Titans Go and playing video games all day.

Online resources

Part of me would like to know how long it would take for him to finally tire of previously mentioned activities and seek something to do that is more educational and thought provoking.  However, I know that his attention span for video games and mindless cartoons might hold out longer than this whole social distancing situation we are now weathering together. With that in mind, I have turned to some of the online resources from the library.

The library offers  free, easy to access with a library card resources that will occupy your kids in a way you can feel good about. These can all be located on our website, under the digital library, all databases/eresources.

Kids InfoBits

The first resource I would like to introduce is Kids InfoBits. This database includes books, pictures, magazines, news articles, over 1,700 kid-friendly charts and graphs, and videos on a variety of content areas including animals, movies and music, people, plants, sports, technology, arts, geography, health, literature, science and social studies.

Kids can click on whichever topic is of interest and pick from a variety of resources on the topic. My son was interested in the sports category and was happy to see one of his new players of interest, Joe Montana, was featured. By clicking on the link he discovered 3 biographies, 5 pictures and 5 news articles about Joe.

The biographies and news articles feature a narration option for auditory learners which appealed to my son.  You can save items to a folder if you want to revisit later. There are 1,000s of subjects to choose from which guarantees that there is something for everyone.


I invite you and your child to take a look and see for yourself. I would love to know what you find!

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Erin Smith is a mom and Youth Services Specialist at the Miami Township Branch Library.

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