Celebrate Library Lovers Month in February by sharing your story.

The Clermont County Public Library is asking why the Library is important to you, your family, your organization or your local community. We would like to share your comments with others using social media.

In 2020, the world is a digital experience. We stream movies, download music and listen to digital audiobooks. Given all that, libraries are still important. Besides being able to borrow movies, music, books, and more from the 10 libraries in Clermont County, they also are community hubs. They serve students with study rooms to meet with tutors. They offer maker spaces and maker equipment. Our meeting rooms are popular with many groups. In many ways, libraries are more relevant than ever before because we offer more than just books.

Here is a link to a two-question survey. It’s also available on our Facebook page.

We are thankful for your story.

Also, the library has a special gift for you. Just pick up a tote bag when visiting a branch to check out a book or movie, use a computer or simply enjoy reading in one of our comfy chairs. Don’t forget about all the digital selections, too. You are welcome to pick up a tote bag even if you only check out items online.

Thank you for helping the Clermont County Public Library be a vital part of what makes Clermont County a thriving community.