Philip K. Dick: Writings and Movies

Philip K. Dick: Writings and Movies

pkdPhilip K. Dick (often abbreviated PKD) was groundbreaking. His writings were visionary and frequently prescient. His protagonists were usually normal people, working in business or repairing appliances. They weren’t superheroes and often existed in environments atypical for science fiction. He dealt with philosophical, sociological, political, and metaphysical themes using comprehensible language. PKD fundamentally changed SF. He created a major paradigm shift in the genre.

PKD Influence

SF matured because of his pioneering style. Quite a few of his works have been adapted to film and television, with two tv shows added to that growing list this year alone. Clermont County Public Library owns these original writings The Man in the High Castle and Minority Report and as Books on CD and eBooks.


 The list of written and filmed works that have have been inspired or influenced by PKD is extensive, and includes the movies InceptionThe Truman Show, Gattaca, and In Time.pkd next

PKD Books

The library also owns many of his other classic books, such as:
Many of his novels and short stories are also available in other formats including Books on CD, e-Books, and e-Audiobooks.
Sadly, there will be no more writings from Philip K. Dick, as he passed away in 1982. However it’s a safe bet that his works will continue to be adapted to film and television for years to come. Rumor has it that two of his most famous novels, Ubik and Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said will be made into movies in the near future.