3 Fun and Delicious Romantic Comedy Books Featuring Food

3 Fun and Delicious Romantic Comedy Books Featuring Food

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Romantic comedy books make the perfect vacation reading. And when they also include food, usually in the form of baked goods? Even better! I have three delicious suggestions for you in time for some summertime relaxing.

Romantic comedy suggestions

Accidentally Engaged
Accidentally Engaged by Farah Heron

Accidentally Engaged by Farah Heron

My first romantic comedy suggestion is Accidentally Engaged by Farah Heron. A Muslim woman fakes an engagement to the boy next door in the hopes of winning a couples’ cooking contest.

Reena, a middle child, with a meddling Muslim family, works at a finance job that she doesn’t love. Which makes it all the more insulting when she’s laid-off.

Her real passion is cooking. But Reena’s younger sister sabotaged her food blog and cookbook deal. Her family wants to meddle in her career, her behavior, and her love life. They’ve arranged a marriage for her which she’s definitely, DEFINITELY not doing.

She comes home and discovers a new neighbor. He’s a brown Captain America with a gorgeous British accent and tons of charm. Then she discovers that Nadim is the Good Muslim man she’s supposed to marry to help her family’s business.

After one drink too many, Reena and Nadim shoot a cooking video and enter a contest. The prize is a scholarship to a culinary school – the one that Reena was thinking of emptying her savings to attend. The catch? It’s a contest about family cooks so Reena and Nadim need to be fake engaged. But she still tells her parents that she’s not marrying Nadim. Even though she likes him. A LOT.

Relatable main character

As a thirty-something woman trying to figure out her career, plus deal with the stress of being laid off, Reena’s relatable. Not wanting her parents’ help. Not wanting to stay in finance but not sure about following her dream of culinary school. Wanting a relationship but not the one her parents arrange. Trying to figure out her relationship with her sister. Feeling like a failure compared to what looks like her older brother’s perfect life.

Accidentally Engaged dealt with career woes and a pushy family. Along with mental illness, stress, and depression. The writing is so engaging with so much sparkling banter. Reena’s friends are warm, supportive, and funny. And the connection between Reena and Nadim is steamy!

I loved learning about East Indian/African food and traditions. Reena’s bread baking had me salivating. I wanted one of those sourdough starter babies! If you’re a fan of Sara Desai or Sonali Dev, read this! And then read the first book, The Chai Factor. Food, eccentric family antics, and a sweet, steamy romance – the perfect vacation read.

Book cover: Rosaline Palmer Takes the Cake
Rosaline Palmer Takes the Cake by Alexis Hall

Rosaline Palmer Takes the Cake by Alexis Hall

My second romantic comedy suggestion is Rosaline Palmer Takes the Cake by Alexis Hall. Do you love baking competitions? Especially British ones? Then this is for you!

Rosaline dropped out of college to raise her daughter. She’s been holding down a series of no-prestige underpaid jobs since then. And is often forced to rely on financial help from her parents. And then she decides to compete in a baking show.

With the help of an ex-girlfriend to watch her daughter, she thinks this could be the help she needs. And then she gets involved with another contestant. He could be the frosting on the cake. But maybe he’s not the prize he appears to be…

Witty banter

The characters were well-developed. I adored Rosaline! She’s so relatable. Her insecurities allow her to get pushed around in the beginning. I enjoyed watching her confidence grow as she got further in the competition. Her daughter is fantastic. Her ex is quirky yet still supportive of Rosaline and her dreams.

Lots of witty banter, baked goods, and a romantic triangle. Along with comments about single motherhood and class. The author’s said that this is the first book in a trilogy and I hope the other books are as fun as this one.

For fans of Red, White, and Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston and In at the Deep End by Kate Davies.

Battle Royal by Lucy Parker

Battle Royal

My third foodie romantic comedy suggestion is Battle Royal by Lucy Parker.

Four years ago, Sylvie took part in a British baking competition. Sylvie’s penchant for edible glitter and whimsy didn’t win points with exacting head judge Domenic. Whose aesthetic is one of understated elegance and restraint.

Even worse was when her unicorn cake malfunctioned and caught Dominic right in the face with a hoof. A moment captured forever on YouTube.

Now Sylvie’s opened her own bakery. Across the street from Domenic’s. She’s judging the baking competition along with him. And they’re both in the running to bake the wedding cake for the latest royal wedding.

This is a slow burn, enemies to lovers romance. With lots of cake. And yet it’s so much more!

Lots of found family love. Witty banter that sparkled like Sylvie’s edible glitter. Fantastic secondary characters screaming out for their own stories to be told.

There’s a gloriously cantankerous cat! There’s even some cake espionage happening. But the best is how we get to see how the characters care for each other. Even through sadness, misunderstandings, and their fear of opening up. They love each other – as friends, family, found family, and for some of them, as lovers.

In conclusion

Summertime is perfect for picking up a romantic comedy and savoring every delicious page!

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