Short Stories to Inspire Your Inner Writer

Short Stories to Inspire Your Inner Writer

The Clermont County Public Library Short Story Contest is here! As someone who has written short stories and attended short story workshops, I know how challenging writing a successful story can be when you have limited space. With several collections of short stories to inspire you available in your library’s collection, let’s go!

Short stories to inspire

The Raven and Other Writings by Edgar Allan Poe. Poe’s short works have impacted the worlds of literature and horror for generations. Some of his most influential works originally took the form of short stories. We have several collections of Poe’s work available both on the shelf and online. This collection serves as a great introduction to Poe’s short stories.

The Lottery and Other Stories by Shirley Jackson. You may have read “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson in school at some point, but this dark classic is always worth another read. In addition to “The Lottery,” this collection includes several more haunting tales by a renowned storyteller, most of them just a few pages long.

Skeleton Crew by Stephen King. Stephen King is no stranger to composing large collections of short stories. Of his collections I have read, this one is my favorite! Featuring popular titles such as “The Mist,” “The Monkey,” and the grisly “Survivor Type,” this collection by the master of horror himself demonstrates well-crafted short works and shares stories that will terrify you in just a few pages.

Galatea by Madeline Miller. If you love Greek mythology like I do, you will love Madeline Miller. In addition to this stellar short story, she has published two novels: The Song of Achilles and Circe, both available in our collection. Miller retells of the tale of Galatea, the woman who was molded from clay and brought to life.

Since this story was published as an eBook, you can read it on your preferred device from the Ohio Digital Library using the Libby app. Furthermore, you can access this title and others for free with your library card! Ask a staff member for more information.

Contest Details

Now that you have some examples of great short stories, why not write your own? Original, unpublished submissions of 1,000 to 2,500 words will be accepted between January 1, 2020 and January 30, 2020. All submissions must be appropriate for general audiences.

For complete details, visit the Short Story Contest page.

Happy writing!

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