Join the library for fun and games while learning fun facts about water and ocean life! It’ll be a splash. Countdown to the end of summer reading with a new puzzle every week. Play the game by clicking on the week’s picture on our website. 

Play through the summer for chances to win a monthly prize and finally the grand prize.

Week One 5/28-6/04: Awesome Ocean Animal Trivia

Do you do swimmingly at trivia? This game is for you. Find out how much you know about the animals inside our oceans.

Summer reading is just beginning, so make sure you head to our branches and stock up on books!

Read the question then tap or click on the answer you think is correct. Watch out, it’s timed! In addition to the questions, there’s a bonus round to rack up more points. You can also lose points, though, so watch the cards closely to try and follow where the bonus points landed.

Additionally, you can use the lifelines, four red boxes under the question, by clicking on them. Choose ‘2x Score’ and ‘3x Score’ if you’re confident about the answer and want to double or triple your points. ’50×50′ takes away two wrong answers. ‘Extra Time’ gives you more time and ‘Cheat’ instantly chooses the right answer.

Click on this button below to enter to win! Remember, you can only enter to win one time per puzzle.

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Week Two 6/05-6/11: Marine Match

Can you find the matching marine animals? Dive right in and have some fun.

Choose two tiles to try and find a pair. Either tap on a tile or click one to choose it.

Don’t forget to enter to win using the button below. You may only enter once per week.

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Week Three 6/12-6/18: A Sea-riously Fun Riddle

What is a pirate’s favorite letter? The letter C, of course. Alright, that was cheesy, but if you enjoy riddles you will enjoy this week’s riddle whack-a-mole game.

In order to play, tap on the moles that name the right answer to the riddle. You’ll know it was the correct answer if you see a green checkmark. There are three levels, try to see how many moles you can manage to hit!

Click on the button below to enter to win.

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Week Four 6/19-6/25: Odd Ocean Animals

There are so many different kinds of fish (and other creatures) in the sea. So many, in fact, that you probably don’t know all of them. Scaly, slimy, and swift, some of them are seriously weird. Test your knowledge of interesting sea creatures by playing this week’s game.

Match the name of the odd ocean animal with its picture. Click on the name of an animal and then drag it next to the picture that you believe is correct. After you’ve matched everything together, hit “Submit Answers.” You’ll find out how many you got correct. Hit “Show Answers” after you’ve finished playing to review. If you missed a few, you can hit “Correct Answers” to see what the names really were, or you can always play again to try to get them right. If you’re playing on a cell phone, you may want to rotate your screen so you can see better.

There is still plenty of time to sign up for summer reading. If you’re already picking up your favorite books and reading them, you might as well get credit for it! Don’t let the summer SAIL on by without participating.

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Week Five 6/26-7/02: Getting Jigsaw-y With It

If you want to see the ocean, you go to a beach and if you want to see fish, you go to an aquarium or look at your fish tank. If you want to read about the beach, ocean, or sea creatures, however, you should come to the library. Just search our catalog or ask one of our staff for help and be amazed by all the FIN-tastic books! From fact books to vacation guides to aquarium care, we have it. You are SHORE to have a good time!

This week we’re picking up the pieces and playing a jigsaw puzzle. Literally. Click or tap on the pieces and drag them into place. If you press the full screen button before you turn your phone sideways, you get a bigger view. The full screen/maximize button looks like this:

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Week Six 7/03-7/09: Tremendous Turtles Trivia

Cowabunga, dudes! I hope you’re ready for some tubular turtles trivia. It doesn’t matter if you were first introduced to Michelangelo, Franklin, or Crash, turtles are popular animals in fiction. See if your knowledge of these extraordinary creatures measures up to the hype. Turtle power!

Hit start. A statement about turtles will start to scroll. You have to click on whether that statement is true or false before it’s off the screen. The goal is to get as many correct as you possibly can in two minutes. Yes, this game is timed!

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Week Seven: 7/10-7/16 Outstanding Ocean Crossword

When you think of the ocean, you might think it’s just a bunch of water, but there’s a lot going on under the surface. Oceans are home to all sorts of marine animals. There are five named oceans in the world that are called the Antarctic, Arctic, Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific oceans. Do you know fun facts about the ocean or its animals? Play the game to find out!

Press start. Tap on any number and it will show you the clue for that word. Type in the word you think is the answer. (You need to type the ENTIRE word, even if a letter is already there.)  If you’re wrong, “Wrong” will flash overhead and the wrong answer will be erased. If you’re right, “Correct” will flash at the top of the screen and the word will stay in place. Fill out the entire crossword to win. On a phone, the arrow pointing backward is the backspace button that lets you erase a letter if you’ve made a typo.

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Week Eight: 7/17-7/23 Airplane Mythological Madness

Real ocean creatures are amazing, but so are the mythological ones. One of my favorites are the mermaids and, of course, purrmaids. Do you know your mythological water creatures? You will after you play!

Guide your plane into the correct answers using your finger or the keyboard. If you accidentally hit the wrong cloud, you’ll lose a life. Be careful!

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Week Nine: 7/24-7/30 Water Word Scramble

Water, water, everywhere and not a drop to drink, just another game in which you’ll swim or sink. This week you’ll get a bunch of words all jumbled together and your job will be to unscramble them. Don’t worry, there’s a picture clue included to make it easier.

Drag the letters into the correct positions to unscramble the right word or phrase. If you drag the letter into the right spot, you will see a checkmark appear.

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Week Ten: 7/31-8/06 Sea Creature Reveal

The depths of the ocean can hide a lot of interesting things including amazing and fantastic creatures. Take your turn peering through the depths with this fun creature reveal game. Can you figure out what sea creature is being shown?

Hit play. An image will slowly begin to be revealed box by box. Click or tap the correct answer as soon as you know which sea creature. Don’t just guess because you only get one chance to get it right. The faster you are at guessing, the more points you will get.

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Week Eleven: 8/07-8/13 Guess the Birds of the Sea

When you think about creatures that have to do with the sea, you usually think of things that live in it. But there are seabirds, too! There are a lot of species you can see on the different coasts. Some stay out in the open ocean and rarely make it to land. These birds nest on the mainland or on islands out in the seas so that their eggs are safe. Our final game is a seabird guessing game where you get a hint and try to guess the letters that might be in their name. It’s EGG-cellent.

The aim of the game is to guess the word by picking letters that might be in that word. All of the words are names of seabirds. Look at the picture and read the clue, then click on the letter clouds one at a time to guess the name. If you choose a letter that isn’t in the name, a balloon will fly away. Be careful! Lose all 10 balloons and you lose the game.

It’s your last chance to log minutes and pick up prizes!

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We hope you’ve enjoyed surfing through these games and that we’ll SEA you next year.