Summer of Puzzles

Summer of Puzzles

Join the library for fun and games while learning fun facts about animals!

Our Summer of Puzzles prize giveaway has ended for the year of 2021, but feel free to still enjoy the games and check out our books recommendations. We hope to see you next year for Summer Reading and more fun. Congratulations to the Summer of Puzzles prize winners!

Week One 05/30 – 06/05: A Storytelling of Ravens

(Animal Collective Nouns)

You know it’s a herd of cattle and a school of fish, but do you know what to call a group of hyenas? How about a bunch of otters? If you enjoy learning the collective names of animals, this week’s game will be fun for you!

A group of hyenas is called either a clan or a cackle and a group of otters is called a raft, if you were wondering. Summer reading is just beginning, so make sure you head to our branches and stock up on books!

Click on the picture of a bunny reading to head to this week's game!

Read the question then tap or click on the answer you think is correct. Watch out, it’s timed! In addition to the questions, there’s a bonus round to rack up more points. You can also lose points, though, so watch the cards closely to try and follow where the bonus points landed.

Additionally, you can use the lifelines, four red boxes under the question, by clicking on them. Choose ‘2x Score’ and ‘3x Score’ if you’re confident about the answer and want to double or triple your points. ’50×50′ takes away two wrong answers. ‘Extra Time’ gives you more time and ‘Cheat’ instantly chooses the right answer.

Book Recommendations

101 Amazing Facts about Animals by Jack Goldstein
A Crash of Rhinos by Greg Danylyshyn
A Storytelling of Ravens by Kyle Lukoff

Week Two 06/06 – 06/12: I Believe I Can Fly

(Technically, I Glide)

Everyone loves the idea of flying, but gliding is pretty cool, too. If you haven’t guessed, our game this week is about animals that glide.

Click on this picture of a sugar glider looking at some books to head to this week's game!

The aim of the game is to guess the word by picking letters that might be in that word. All of the words are names of animals that glide. Look at the picture and read the clue, then click on the letter clouds one at a time to guess the name. If you choose a letter that isn’t in the name, a balloon will fly away. Be careful! Lose all 10 balloons and you lose the game.

Books You May Enjoy

Book Cover for Flying Frogs and Walking Fish
Book cover for The Traveling Vet

Week Three 06/13 – 06/19: Fabulous Felines

Fluffy kittens and playful puppies are popular pets in the United States. The next two weeks will focus on these beloved critters. First up are the felines. Cats are sleek, clever, and independent. There’s nothing quite as relaxing as having a purring cat in your lap. Kitties were revered in ancient Egypt and you could argue they believe they ought to be today. (I know my own would say so!) Are you cat clever? Feline up to a challenge?

Click on the picture of a cute kitten hiding under a book to head to this week's game!

Hit start. A statement about cats will scroll across your screen. You have to click on whether that statement is true or false before it’s off the screen. The goal is to get as many correct as you possibly can in two minutes. Yes, this game is timed!

Book Recommendations

Decoding your Cat edited by Meghan Herron
The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee by Laurie Cinotto
The 9 Lives Cozy Mystery Series Books 1 - 3 by Louise Clark

Week Four 06/20 – 06/26: Cool Canines

It’s time to let the dogs out! Loyal, sweet, and eager to please, doggos have a special place in people’s hearts. Just how well do you know canine companions? Will your level of knowledge be impressive? Or will you find the puzzle ruff?

Click on the picture of a dog in glasses reading to go to this week's game.

Press start. Tap on any number and it will show you the clue for that word. Type in the word you think is the answer. (You need to type the ENTIRE word, even if a letter is already there.)  If you’re wrong, “Wrong” will flash overhead and the wrong answer will be erased. If you’re right, “Correct” will flash at the top of the screen and the word will stay in place. Fill out the entire crossword to win. On a phone, the arrow pointing backward is the backspace button that lets you erase a letter if you’ve made a typo.

Books You May Enjoy

Book Cover for "Just Joking Dogs and the link to it in the library catalog.
A Kid's Guide to Dogs by Arden Moore
Let Dogs be Dogs by the Monks of New Skete and Marc Goldberg

Week Five 06/27 – 07/03: The Desert is Out-sand-ing

(Animals of North American Deserts)

When you think of the desert, you might think of a barren place devoid of life, but that isn’t the case. Deserts are home to a variety of animals! The United States has four main deserts including the Chihuahuan Desert, the Mojave desert, the Sonoran desert, and the Great Basin. Do you know about the animals that live in the deserts of North America? Play the game to find out!

Click on the picture of this large tortoise to play this week's game.

Press play. You’re trying to match animals that live in North American deserts with a fact about them. There’s a train that will go down the track with a fact on each car. Floating overhead are crates naming animals. Pop the balloons so that the animal crates fall into the boxcars that match their facts.

For instance, if there is a crate that says, “Texas Horned Lizard” and a boxcar that says, “Is Not a Frog or a Toad,” you’d make sure to pop the lizard’s balloon over that boxcar. If you don’t know the animal that goes with a fact, keep trying until you get it right. In order to pop a balloon, click or tap it. Timing is everything! Don’t forget to press Show Answers after you’re finished so that you can answer the question correctly. Hit the gold balloons for extra points.

Book Recommendations

Life in the Desert by Gerald Legg
Breathe the Sky by Michelle Hazen

Week Six 07/04 – 07/10: Some Real Night Owls

(Nocturnal Animals)

If you are a night owl and not an early bird, you have something in common with the animals that are the subject of our theme. Nocturnal animals are active during the night and sleep during the day. As an aside, although most owls are nocturnal, there are a few that aren’t! This week’s word search names many nocturnal animals, including a type of owl. Will you find them all? How quickly can you do it?

Click on the picture of this scholarly owl to play this week's game!

You will see a grid of letters and a list of words next to it. Find the animals in the list hidden somewhere in the letter gird. When you see an animal, click or tap on one of the letters in its name to highlight the word. If you click on a letter that isn’t in an animal’s name, you will get a strike. If you guess wrong ten times, you lose the game. Words can be diagonal, horizontal, or vertical. After you’re finished, you can hit show answers to see the list again and even hit “Correct Answers” to find the word you missed.

Books You May Enjoy

The Nocturnals: The Mysterious Abductions by Tracey Hecht
After DarK by David L. Harrison
Acquainted with the Night by Christopher Dewdney.

Week Seven 07/11 – 07/17: Paws for a Puzzle

When you want to see wildlife in person, you probably go to a zoo, nature center, or wildlife park. However, if you want to read about animals, you should come to the library. Just search our catalog or ask one of our staff and be amazed by all the animal books! From fact books to care guides to cozy mysteries where a pet helps solve a crime, we have it. You’ll have a roaring good time!

Click on the pictures of animals in a card catalog to play the game.

This week we’re picking up the pieces and playing a jigsaw puzzle. Literally. Click or tap on the pieces and drag them into place. If you press the full screen button before you turn your phone sideways, you get a bigger view. The full screen/maximize button looks like this:

Maximize button picture.

Book Recommendations

Wild vet adventures: Saving animals around the world with Dr. Gabby Wild by Gabby Wild with Jennifer Szymanski.
The Ten Trusts by Jane Goodall and Marc Bekoff

Week Eight 07/18 – 07/24: How Bizarre

(Unusual Animals)

There are so many different kinds of animals, it’s hard to know about all of them! From fur to scales, tails to ears, animals are amazing and some of them are downright odd. Test your knowledge of interesting animals by playing this week’s game.

Click on the monkey reading a book to go to the game.

Match the name of the unusual animal with its picture. Click on the name of an animal and then drag it next to the picture that you believe is correct. After you’ve matched everything together, hit “Submit Answers.” You’ll find out how many you got correct. Hit “Show Answers” after you’ve finished playing to review. If you missed a few, you can hit “Correct Answers” to see what the names really were, or you can always play again to try to get them right. If you’re playing on a cell phone, you may want to rotate your screen so you can see better.

Books You May Enjoy

Animal Encyclopedia by National Geographic
The Illustrated Compendium of Amazing Animal Facts by Maja Säfström

Week Nine 07/25- 07/31: Mad About Tails & Tales

Fill in the blank stories are always fun no matter your age. Because the summer reading theme was Tails and Tales, I thought a great way to end our puzzles would be for you to create your own animal themed story.

Click on the kitten standing on a book to play the last game.

To play, choose a story title by clicking or tapping on it. Next you will fill in the words by clicking on the blank next to the description and then typing in a word that fits it. Fill the entire list with words. After you’ve finished, hit “Show Me My Story.” Read it and hopefully chuckle, then click on “New Story” to go choose another.

Parts of Speech Review (Just In Case)

A noun is a person (teacher, student, librarian), place (school, store, library), or thing (bed, table, lamp). To clarify, nouns tell you who or what. An adjective is a word that describes a noun or a pronoun. Basically, adjectives tell you what a noun is like with words like beautiful, colorful, slow, and bright. A verb is a word that shows a physical action (swim, write, climb), a mental action (think, guess), or a state of being (is, exists). In fill in the blank games, you usually use action verbs that describe a physical action.

Book Recommendations

A world full of animal stories by Angela McAllister
Together forever!: True stories of amazing animal friendships! by Mary Quattlebaum.
James Herrior's Animal Stories by James Herriot

I hope you had a PAWSitively PURRfect summer and enjoyed playing each week!

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