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Booklovers Podcast: Ready to Read Literacy Kits

Welcome to another episode of the Booklovers Podcast. This week, Andrea and I welcome Cara, a youth librarian from our Amelia Branch Library to the podcast. Cara talks about a great early literacy resource, our Ready to Read Literacy Kits or as she describes them – storytime in a bag! Ready to Read Literacy Kits […]

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6 Awesome & Simple Ways to Help Kids Learn to Read

As a parent, you’re incredibly busy. You know how important it is to prepare your child to read but fitting in one more thing, even such an important one, can feel overwhelming. I have good news! You’re already helping your child get ready to read without even knowing it. Before they learn how to read, […]


It’s Time for Kindergarten!

Soon the sweltering sunniness of summer will give way to cool, crisp days, a colorful cacophony of leaves, and the smell of bonfires in the evening air. For some, the end of summer will herald the beginning of a new phase of childhood — schoolchild. Ready or not, here comes Kindergarten! How do you, as a parent, deal with […]

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