Up Lit reads

Are you looking for something new to read but the fear of reading something without hope of a happy ending is just too much right now? Try Up Lit –  realistic, feel-good fiction that encompasses many genres, not just romance or inspirational fiction. Everything in the story is not saccharine sweet, and the characters do […]

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Need books? Enjoy One of Our Favorites from 2017

During this episode of Booklovers, Andrea, Amy, and I talk about some of our book favorites from 2017. Questions? More suggestions? Topics you’d like to hear us cover in the future? Comment below or hit us up on Twitter – @ClermontLibrary or on Facebook. Favorites Six Wakes by Mur Lafferty is a sf/murder mystery that […]

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Booklovers Episode 8: Fairytales Retold

When you say “fairy tale,” most of us think of the Brothers Grimm or even Charles Perrault. They captured stories that had long oral traditions reaching back hundreds, even thousands of years. Recent research has scientists believing those traditions might stretch all the way back to the Bronze Age! Read more about the research. During […]


Flash Forward: Writing Short Fiction

Fall is in the air, the leaves are picturesque, and it is officially time to get back to work on writing. Summer vacations are over and it is the season of the Clermont County Public Library short story contest. Read about it here. Who has time to write a story? Anyone, especially if they write […]