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8 Inspirational Novels

Family, love, responsibility, and commitment are dramatized with humor, sensitivity, and suspense in inspirational fiction.  Here are eight novels found in CCPL’s collection. After a Fashion by Jen Turano In 1882, Miss Harriet Peabody is a shop girl with high hopes in New York City, but her love of fashion isn’t enough to smooth her […]


Cozy Books to Read Aloud

When the skies turn gray and the weather tends more to storms than sunshine, nothing is quite so picturesque as curling up inside, warm and dry, with a great book. If you’ve got loved ones around – your children, partner, siblings, parents, even a pet – why not expand the joy and read aloud to […]

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Mystery Series to Read in Order

Have you ever been happily reading a book, and then it turned out actually to be Book 5 in a series of 15?  When I do this, I start wondering, Have I ruined the whole experience?  Should I go back and read Books 1 through 4 or give up and go on to the next […]

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10 Best Books to Keep Kids Up at Night….Reading

Your bedroom is pitch black. The closet light is off. All you have to protect yourself is a tiny flashlight and a paperback book. Will the boogieman get you? Probably not if you’re reading one of these 10 best books to keep kids up at night, but we offer no guarantees. Books for Night Reading […]

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