6 Books to Help Start Your Vegetable Garden

6 Books to Help Start Your Vegetable Garden

Ah, warm weather! What a perfect time to start your own vegetable garden!

Did you know that springtime isn’t the only time to start planting vegetables? You can plant different vegetables at different times throughout the year. Knowing where and when to plant your vegetables can help make your vegetable planting adventure a successful one.

For tips on when, where, and what vegetables to plant based on frost schedules, Check out The Week-By-Week Vegetable Gardener’s Handbook: Perfectly Timed Gardening for Your Most Bountiful Harvest Ever by Ron Kujawski & Jennifer Kujawski.

You don’t need a whole lot of space to grow your own vegetables. In fact, many people only use a small square in their gardens for vegetables, and some city dwellers even grow some on their balconies. Here are some books on how you can grow your vegetables when you have limited space.

After your garden is harvested for the season, will your vegetables grow back next year? Well, it depends. Vegetables can be annuals (life cycle is one year, needs to be replanted next season), biennials (life cycle is 2 years, flowering and producing seeds the 2nd year before dying off), or perennials (plants come back every year for at least 3 years). It all depends on the planter’s preference, but if you’re bummed because annuals only last one year you’re in luck! There are ways to save your seeds from your vegetables to replant the following year. Check out one of these books for instructions on how to do this!

Once your garden is up and running, there are problems that could arise such as pests, inclement weather, weeds, and disease. Check out this problem solver book to stay ahead of garden disasters. There are even sections which address problems with specific vegetables.

Rodale’s Vegetable Garden Problem Solver: The Best and Latest Advice for Beating Pests, Diseases, and Weeds and Staying a Step Ahead of Trouble in the Garden by Fern Marshall Bradley.


There are many more books about vegetable gardening in the library, as well as online resources through Ohio Digital Library and Hoopla. You can also access gardening magazines through RBdigital. Happy gardening!

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