Clermont County and World War I

In these videos, local historian Gary Knepp discusses World War I experiences through the stories of Clermont County soldiers and the Clermont County home front.  Mr. Knepp is the author of Over There: An Ohio Community’s Experience in the Great War.

Global Impact of the War

Gary Knepp discusses the legacy of World War I and battlefield conditions.

War Before our War

Gary Knepp discusses how the United States was drawn into World War I and the experiences of local soldiers who fought on behalf of the Allies prior to the U.S. entering the war.

Our War

Gary Knepp discusses what the World War I experience was like for soldiers and provides biographical sketches of some of the Clermont County soldiers who served.

Home Front

Gary Knepp discusses letters that were exchanged between World War I soldiers and loved ones, Clermont County soldier casualties, Clermont County home front activities and the impacts of the influenza pandemic.