wwi a world transformed
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Critical thinking questions

  1. How would you describe the national mood after the war? What do you think Americans worried would happen if the United States became too involved in international affairs?
  2. Would it have been easy for the United States to become isolated from the rest of the world after the war? How had the United States become a global player?
  3. Can you think of examples of how the United States has become a global player? How might the national interest in isolationism 100 years ago still influence how the United States interacts with other countries today?

Take a closer look

WWI images

Look closely at the words, background images, and physical appearance of the figure in each of these pictures. If “Over Here” refers to the United States, where is “Over There”?

The figure representing “Over Here” is holding a lunchbox and paycheck. What is the other figure holding? What could each one be running towards?

League of Nations political cartoon

This cartoon shows Uncle Sam, representing the United States, with his hands tied by the League of Nations. Who is holding the ends of the straps?

What could this image tell us about the public’s opinion of this proposed alliance? Do those feelings still exist today?

Immigration political cartoon

Pay attention to the funnel who is shown trying to immigrate to the United States? What is different about the number of people going in as compared to how many are coming out?

Is this cartoon in support of or against immigration control ? What evidence from the image supports your answer?

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