4 Great Books About Jewelry Making

4 Great Books About Jewelry Making

I have a confession to make. On top of being a rampant reader, I have a bit of a crafting problem. My comfortable crafting staple is the art of making jewelry.  Jewelry making is fun, it can be relaxing, and it’s a great way to accessorize. Since I enjoy reading as well, I decided to share a few jewelry making books with you.


Books about jewelry making in our collection

book cover the jewelry recipe book

Jewelry Recipe Book by Nancy Soriano

I don’t need step by step instructions for jewelry making anymore, but I adore looking at pretty necklaces and bracelets in books. It fuels my creativity. This book has some beautiful necklaces and I admit the one on the cover drew me in. Soriano does include how to make everything if you need it, but I enjoy this book for the pictures.

book cover earringology

Earringology by Candie Cooper

I chose this book because of the author Candie Cooper. Have any of you heard of Beads, Baubles, and Jewels? It was a television show that was shown on PBS a few years ago and now you can stream it from their website. The show had various jewelry making tips and tricks. Candie Cooper was often featured and was popular due to her fun and quirky designs.


book cover for jewelry making

The Complete Photo Guide to Jewelry Making by Tammy Powley

This is an eBook available on Overdrive.  Admittedly, I didn’t need the step by step instructions any more, but this guide is helpful for beginners. It has a lot of great images explaining basic techniques of all different types.  I wish I’d had something like it when I first started beading! I possibly could have saved myself some grief.

book cover for easy jewelry making books about jewelry

Easy jewelry making: 50 plus projects from the 11thyear of Bead Style Magazine

I chose this eBook, also available through Overdrive, because I enjoyed Bead Style Magazine and used to have a subscription. Some of the most popular projects from the magazine’s 11th year are included and it made me nostalgic. I remember flipping through the magazine to get ideas and now you can do the same thing with this eBook.


I hope some of these books spark your creativity! You might enjoy checking out the Morse Code Jewelry Demo video that I made. It has a little history about the code and more importantly, shows you how to make your very own Morse code bracelet.

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