Smiling woman wearing a t-shirt that says "Volunteer"


For many years, the Clermont County Public Library has benefitted from the generous services of many loyal volunteers and we thank them for their time. If you would like to volunteer at the library, please fill out this Volunteer Application. A library staff member will call and discuss this opportunity with you once your application is received.

Volunteers help with the following tasks:

  • Shelving books and other library materials
  • Organizing materials on shelves
  • Preparing craft materials for programs
  • Assisting with programs
  • Working on the grounds (picking up trash outside, etc.)
  • Participating in systemwide events
  • Assisting with shelf reading
  • Light housekeeping such as cleaning books and toys, dusting shelves, cleaning monitors and keyboards, filling scrap paper baskets, watering plants
  • Compiling surveys
  • Assisting with used book sales as fundraisers for the library

Volunteer tasks are assigned on the basis of library needs and requirements. If the assigned tasks are not completed to library standards, then the volunteer relationship can be terminated.


Volunteer Application



Are you currently employed?

Are you an Ohio Public Employee Retirement Systems Disability recipient?

Please indicate which of the following you would be interested in:

Do you have any health related restrictions or physical limitation including allergies that might affect the work that you can do?