Veterans History Project

On Veterans’ Day in 2005, CCPL began interviewing local veterans as part of the Library of Congress Veterans History Project. Interviews have been added to our collection as well as submitted to the Library of Congress.

Veteran interviews in our collection.

Are you a wartime veteran or a home-front civilian who supported the Armed Forces or do you know someone who is? We would be pleased to interview you as part of the Veterans History Project, please call Chris Rich at 513-732-6084 to set up an interview time. Every interviewee will receive a DVD of his/her interview.

Veterans Speak about the Project

“This has been a very enjoyable experience. …made it very easy for me to feel comfortable and to talk. I really am so glad I did this for my family.” Roy Abrams – WWII

“I’ve been interested in taking part in the project for awhile. I’m glad I finally did even though I didn’t think I had a lot to say. Thanks for doing this.” Hugh Nichols – WWII & Korean War