3D Printer

The Clermont County Public Library is committed to access and lifelong learning. 3D modeling is where imagination and technology meet. We currently have 3D printers at the following locations:

  • Bethel Branch, MakerBot Sketch
  • Felicity Branch, Ultimaker S3 (dual extruder)
  • Miami Township Branch, Ultimaker S2+ and Ultimaker S3 (dual extruder)
  • Union Township, Ultimaker S3 (dual extruder)
  • Williamsburg Branch, MakerBot Sketch

Getting started with 3D printing

3D printers transform digital objects into three-dimensional physical objects. The digital file type required to print at the library is .stl. The following is a list of free resources:

Beginner resources

Tinkercad is an online CAD (computer-aided design) software for beginning users. You can use Tinkercad to create your own 3D designs from scratch. The site includes lots of tutorials to get you started. Since Tinkercad is cloud-based, you can work on your designs anywhere you have internet access.

Thingiverse is a free, community-driven website with thousands of ready-to-print 3D designs made by creators around the world. You can search or browse for files that will allow you to print items on a broad range of topics from education, to tools, to entertainment. You also can modify files downloaded from Thingiverse, using them as a launchpad for making your own creations.

Intermediate resources

Fusion360 is an enthusiast CAD software for users looking for a more traditional design experience. This is free to hobbyists for personal use.

Meshmixer is a modeling tool for separating files. This software is how some 3D printers print in multiple colors.

SketchUp is a traditional CAD system designed primarily with architecture in mind. This is a resource for designing to scale and larger projects.

Note: all designs must be exported in .stl format. Library staff can generate a preview of the 3D design before it is printed.


  • Files must be:
    • Submitted in-person on a flash drive and in .stl format
    • Able to be printed in 6-8 hours
  • The Library will not accept files for printing that contain:
    • Content in violation of local, state, or federal laws
    • Content in violation of copyright laws
    • Objects Library staff consider obscene or otherwise inappropriate, such as weaponry or drug paraphernalia
  • One print must be completed before you can submit another request.
  • Items will be printed on a first-come, first-served basis. Delays due to printer maintenance, number of pending requests, and other factors are possible.
  • Only designated Library staff will have hands-on access to the 3D printer.
  • Guests are responsible for:
    • Smoothing rough edges and removing supports from a 3D print
    • A kit to clean up the rough is available for use in the library upon request
  • If a model does not print correctly due to a design problem, staff members will stop the printing process. You will be contacted to adjust and resubmit your design.
  • The Library will save printed items for 60 days. After that, prints become the property of the Library.
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3D printers by location

MakerBot Sketch

Locations: Bethel and Williamsburg Branches

Build size in inches: 5.9 wide x 5.9 long x 5.9 tall

Dual extruder: No

MakerBot Sketch

Ultimaker 2+

Location: Miami Township Branch

Build size in inches: 8.7 wide x 8.6 long x 8 tall

Dual extruder: No

Ultimaker 2+

Ultimaker S3

Location: Felicity, Miami Township, and Union Township Branches

Build size in inches: 9 wide x 7.4 long x 7.9 tall

Dual extruder: Yes

Ultimaker S3