Technology & Scanners

Computers and the Internet

The Clermont County Public Library provides access to Internet-connected computers at all 10 branches. The computers have software programs such as Microsoft Office and educational games. To ensure a computer is available when you need it, call the branch you’ll be visiting to make a reservation.

All branches offer one-on-one computer instruction during regular hours. Call your branch or use this form to schedule an appointment. You can request help with Microsoft Office, email, eReaders or the Internet.

All branches have at least one AWE Ready to Read Computer with educational software to promote early literacy skills at a child-sized workstation.

Pocket Wi-Fi

The Clermont County Public Library now can help you be better connected to the Internet.

The Library has mobile Wi-Fi devices that can be borrowed for seven days at a time. For more information, see the Acceptable Use Procedures. Visit our catalog to place a hold on a device.

A Pocket WiFi can be borrowed for a week at a time starting May 26. This device is a small router that uses 3G and 4G signals to create mobile connections to the Internet. Tech support will be provided by the manufacturer.

“We are happy to provide this service. It will serve patrons who have no Internet at home or have poor service. It can help patrons who need a mobile hotspot away from home,” said Christine Wick, library director. “Library staff members constantly look for new ways to provide innovative services to the community that will enhance the lives of patrons. This is another service we believe meets that goal.”

The library will continue to offer free WiFi and public computers inside each branch.

Search for Pocket WiFi in the library’s catalog and place a hold.

Print Copy Scan Fax

Machines to print, copy, scan, and fax are available at all of our locations. Credit cards can be used to copy, print, scan, and fax documents.


  • Copiers are available for 10 cents per printed black-and-white page or 30 cents per color page at each branch.
  • The cost to scan is 10 cents per page in black and white or color.
  • The cost to fax one document is $1 and 50 cents for each additional page.
  • Printers are available for 10 cents per printed black-and-white page or 30 cents per color page at each branch.

Mobile printing

The Clermont County Public Library offers mobile printing that guests can access using their smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Guests can email a document(s) to their local branch and have the request completed once they arrive during regular operating hours and pay for the printing. Copies are 10 cents for each black and white page and 30 cents for each color page. The first 20 copies are free. Free copies can include black and white and color pages with no more than 10 copies in color.

Please use the email assigned to the branch where you want to pick up your document:

For more information, call your local branch. Library staff members are always available to help.