Internet Use Policy and Internet Use Rules

Internet Use Policy

In keeping with our mission to provide equitable access to information that meets the needs of our community, the Clermont County Public Library provides public access to the Internet.

The Library cannot control, and is not responsible for, the content or accuracy of information accessed over the Internet. The Library uses software to filter access to some Internet sites. Further restriction of a minor’s access to the Internet is the responsibility of the parent or legal guardian.

Failure to abide by the Internet Use Policy and Internet Use Rules is a violation of the Standards of Library Behavior Policy.  Such violation will result in the disconnection of the computer by the library staff, as well as implementation of the Standards of Library Behavior Policy’s applicable consequences.

Note:  Users must agree to the Internet Use Policy before starting a computer session.  A link to the Standards of Library Behavior Policy will be made available through the Internet Use Policy page.

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By: By-Law and Policy Review Committee    



Approved by Library Board of Trustees August 14, 2000

Revised and Approved by Library Board of Trustees February 8, 2016

Revised and Approved by Library Board of Trustees September 20, 2021

Internet Use Rules


Individuals are expected to use the Internet in a responsible manner including the following:

  • Users may not view or print materials unsuitable for minors.
  • Users may not attempt in any way to alter, damage, abuse, or sabotage computer equipment or software; alter configurations; or install any software.
  • Users are liable for costs arising from negligent or malicious damage to Library equipment and/or software.
  • Users may not use the Library’s terminals for any illegal purposes.
  • Users may not violate licensing agreements or Copyright Laws.
  • Users may not use Library terminals for any activity that is deliberately offensive or creates an intimidating or hostile environment.
  • Users may not disregard time limits on the use of a Library terminal when others are waiting.
  • Users may not use any Library terminal in a manner contrary to state and/or federal law.
User Responsibilities
  • Personal information: Patrons using public workstations are responsible for logging out of personal accounts and should refrain from allowing the workstation’s web browser to remember log-in credentials. These credentials include user names and passwords used for accessing social media, email, banking or any Internet accessed accounts. The Library is not responsible for personal information or documents left accessible on any workstation including account credentials, resumes, tax forms, pictures, etc.
  • Choosing sources: The Internet offers a wealth of educational, recreational, and cultural information that vastly increases the resources available to the Library’s users. It is the user’s responsibility to choose which resources to access. Be aware that the Internet is unregulated and materials accessible through it may be inaccurate, incomplete, outdated, biased, inappropriate, or offensive. Since the Library has no control over the content, individuals use it at their own risk. The Library cautions users to access and evaluate materials online as they would a printed source.
  • Children’s use of the Internet: The Library uses the filtering software program to block access to some Internet sites. Further restrictions of a child’s access to the Internet are the responsibility of the parent or legal guardian.
  • Courtesy to others: Individuals should use the Internet in a courteous, reasonable, and responsible manner. If you are using the Library’s terminals, your use may be limited if others are waiting. The Library is a public place, use discretion in viewing text or graphics that may be offensive to others. See Guidelines of the Internet Use Policy.
Assistance from Staff
  • To ensure the equitable delivery of all library services, the amount of time the reference staff has to provide Internet assistance may be limited.
Printing and Downloading
  • The Library charges for printing.
  • If you wish to download files from the Internet, it is at your own risk. You must bring your own USB flash drive or burnable CD or DVD-ROM disk to save data. The Library is not responsible for user files or data left on the hard drive. All session data is wiped from the hard drive when the workstation is restarted.
  • The Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code) governs the reproduction, distribution, public performance, and public display of copyrighted material. Responsibility for possible copyright infringement lies solely with the user and the Library disclaims any responsibility or liability resulting therefrom.
  • Displays of sexually suggestive objects or pictures could be in violation of federal and state obscenity laws and are not permitted on the Library’s terminals.
  • The user agrees to hold the Library harmless of any claims, losses, damages, obligations, or liabilities relating to the use of information obtained from the Library’s electronic information system.
  • Software downloaded from the Internet may contain a virus and users are cautioned to have virus-checking software on their personal computers. The Library is not responsible for damage to a user’s USB flash drive or burnable CD or DVD-ROM disk or personal computer, or for any loss of data, damage, or liability that may occur from an individual’s use of the Library’s Internet services.
  • The Library may monitor Internet usage on the Library’s terminals when a violation of Internet use policy is suspected, including log-in to the user’s computer terminal to view real time usage as well as available Internet history.  The user has no expectation of privacy when using the Library’s computer terminals.
  • The Library reserves the right to modify the Internet Use Policy and/or the Internet Use Rules at any time.