Home Access for ABCmouse

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As part of the Library’s goal to be a school-readiness resource for our communities, we’re proud to offer ABCmouse Home Access for Libraries. Previously available only in our branches, now families can access this great learning tool at home at no cost.

The award-winning ABCmouse Home Access for Libraries offers the most comprehensive online curriculum for children ages 2-8 and up. It includes reading, language arts, math, beginning science, social studies, art, and music.

Benefits of ABCmouse Home Access for Libraries

ABCmouse Home Access for Libraries stimulates a child’s enthusiasm for learning. It offers more than 10,000 interactive activities that use books, games, puzzles, art, songs, music videos, and more. Lessons include 2,000 STEM and 1,200 Spanish-language learning experiences.

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Several children in the same home can use ABCmouse Home Access for Libraries at the same time. Each child has their own avatar, profile, and progress-tracking on their ABCmouse Step-by-Step Learning Paths.

And a big added bonus with ABCmouse Home Access for Libraries is the inclusion of the independently-validated Assessment Center. It creates customized lessons that are targeted to help a child improve in specific skill areas identified by the assessments.