Escape Room: Candy Factory

Kids and families, try your hand at this virtual escape room. Instead of a physical room, you’ll find yourself “trapped” in a virtual environment, which you can only escape by solving all the puzzles.

Picture this: You and your classmates are on a field trip to the Jolie Candy factory. You leave the group to find the bathroom but open the wrong door and find yourself in a secret part of the factory, an old museum. The door shuts behind you and locks. A sign in front of you says that the only way out is through the red door. You must solve a series of puzzles in order to find the key to open the door and rejoin your classmates.

Remember, escape rooms are full of clues. In order to solve the puzzles, look for anything out of the ordinary, and take note. It can be helpful (and more fun) if you work as a group – put your minds together! This escape room is recommended for kids ages 9-14 and their families.