Minutes: June 2021




JUNE 21, 2021



Present: Tony Cardinal, Mary Jo Waite, Jennifer Doss, Ed Humphrey, Judith Kocica

Absent: Tricia Lyons

Staff: Chris Wick, Maura Gray, Theresa Herron, Lynn Baird, Julie Robinson

Guests: None

Mr. Cardinal called the meeting to order at 6:01 p.m.


Roll Call: Tony Cardinal, here; Judith Kocica, here; Tricia Lyons, absent; Mary Jo Waite, here; Jennifer Doss, here; Ed Humphrey, here.

All present recited the Pledge of Allegiance.

May 17, 2021, MINUTES:

Motion by Mr. Humphrey, seconded by Ms. Waite, to approve the May 17, 2021, board meeting minutes as mailed. All present were in favor. Motion carried.


Ms. Gray reviewed the financial report. She also stated new estimates are available from the state but the Ohio Library Council warns that these are only estimates and some of these numbers have been driven higher by one time inflows of cash. Currently, the realized PLF is $320,000 over the state’s original estimate. She said the Library is on target to meet budgetary goals.

Motion by Ms. Doss, seconded by Mr. Humphrey, to approve the May 2021 financial report. All present were in favor, none opposed. Motion was adopted.

Motion by Ms. Kocica, seconded by Ms. Waite, to approve the May 2021 bills paid. All present were in favor, except Ms. Doss, who abstained. Motion was adopted.



Ms. Wick said programming for ages 0 to 12 is being offered outdoors this summer because children are not vaccinated. Two vaccination clinics were held in early June at the Miami Township Branch. The Library is working with Clermont County Public Health to schedule clinics at additional branches.

The Clermont County Ohio Governor’s Imagination Library now has 4,871 enrolled and 667 have graduated.

The library lockers were delivered to the Owensville facility and installation will begin July 12. The Information Services Department is working on procedures so staff can be trained how to use the lockers as soon as possible.

Ms. Wick showed the Board a sample of the 20 STEAM kits that will be available for library guests to check out soon. She also discussed 50 COSI STEM kits that will be distributed to youth. The kits hold five space-oriented science experiments.

She discussed a revision to the Library’s organizational chart and the addition of an HR Assistant to the pay grade schedule.

Ms. Wick acknowledged a large donation of genealogy materials from Alex Covalcine-Whitt on behalf of Aileen Whitt and Cynthia Whitt-Covalcine. Aileen Whitt is a former library employee and a well-known Clermont County historian.

Ms. Wick said the state legislature is finalizing the next biennium budget which includes the Public Library Fund.  Unless there are changes to the budget proposal, the provision allowing for meetings to be held virtually will end June 30.

She said year-to-date circulation is up 46 percent. The auto renewal service, increased due to the pandemic, is changing from 10 times to five times effective August 1.

Ms. Wick explained the expanded scope of the By-law Committee. The new name will be the By-law and Policy Review Committee. Members will review the public policies as well as the by-laws on a regular basis.

Ms. Doss asked when donations of books will be accepted again. Ms. Wick said once book sales happen, branches will have room for donations. She is asking people to hold onto their donations for a bit longer.




Motion by Ms. Kocica, seconded by Ms. Doss, to approve Resolution 2021-20: Acceptance of Gifts to the Library. Donation as listed. All present were in favor, none opposed. Motion was adopted.

Motion by Mr. Waite, seconded by Mr. Humphrey, to approve Resolution 2021-21: Disposal of Unneeded or Obsolete Library Inventory. Roll call vote: Mr. Cardinal, aye; Ms. Waite, aye; Ms. Doss, aye; Mr. Humphrey, aye; Ms. Kocica, aye. All present were in favor, none opposed. The resolution was adopted.

Ms. Wick asked the Board to consider approving two additional hours of operation on Mondays. Extending hours has been on the Strategic Plan for some time. The Library wants to be responsive to the public’s request for more hours within budget. The additional hours will make the buildings more accessible to the public.  The hours would be 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. each Monday at all 10 locations effective September 13.  She said now is the time to add hours as the Library transitions back into regular operations after the pandemic. Mondays are typically the most popular day at the libraries. No additional staff will be added at this time so the addition of hours will not incur additional expenses. This change will be monitored closely to see the impact additional hours has on staffing workflow.  Starting September 13, 2021, gives the managers and their staff time to adjust schedules and allows time for publicity. The Community Engagement Programming Team will be expected to provide programming support so staff can manage the extra service hours.

Motion by Ms. Doss, seconded by Mr. Humphrey, to approve two additional hours of operation at each Library every Monday starting September 13, 2021. All present were in favor, none opposed. The resolution was adopted.



Mr. Cardinal invited any public matters be brought forth to the board. The following community member addressed the board:

Dr. Melissa Hess

Motion by Mr. Humphrey, seconded by Ms. Doss, to adjourn the meeting at 6:54 p.m. All present were in favor, none opposed. The resolution was adopted.

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Board President                                                          Board Secretary



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