Celebrate Read a Romance Book in August

Woman holding a cup of coffee in her left hand and an open book in her right hand reading

August is Read a Romance Month Romance. Romance novels are one of the most popular genres. Which is no surprise since they offer escape into a world of love, passion, and those all-important happily ever afters. There’s a comfort to knowing that despite the turmoil of big feelings, at the end of the book, you‘ll get a happy resolution.

Benefits of reading  a romance

Did you know that reading a romance book can also have real-world benefits?

Reduce stress. Reading romance novels can help to reduce stress by providing a distraction from the worries of everyday life. The act of reading itself can be calming and relaxing, and the stories themselves can offer a welcome escape from reality.

 Improve empathy. Romance novels often explore complex emotions such as love, loss, and betrayal. By reading about these emotions, you can develop a better understanding of your feelings and those of others.

 Provide role models. Romance novels often feature strong, independent women who overcome challenges to achieve their goals.

Learn about different cultures and perspectives. Many romance novels are set in different countries or cultures, which can give you a glimpse into other ways of life.

Romance Book Suggestions

Ready to celebrate Read a Romance Book? We’ve got plenty of suggestions to get you started.

Asian American and Pacific Islander authors. These five swoony romances by API authors feature diverse characters and settings along with happily-ever-afters. Read more.

Holiday romances. Hallmark movies, songs about sleigh rides and kissing under the mistletoe, parties full of glitz and glamour, general goodwill and joy in the air. Plus, cookies! The holidays make the perfect setting for a seriously delightful romance. Get cozy and snuggle into one of these books guaranteed to give you that festive holiday happily ever after. Read more.

Fake dating and fake relationships. If you’re favorite romance trope is fake dating and fake relationships, try one of these humorous romances where fake dating inevitably turns into catching very real feelings before the end of the book. Read more.

Bridgerton readalikes. If you’re a fan of the books or the television series, try one of these historical romances with dashing dukes, dangerous rogues, and all of the balls you could ever want. Read more.

Witchy rom coms. If you like your rom com with a little something paranormal and gently spooky, try a witchy romance. These books go perfectly with that PSL you’re craving. Read more.

In closing

Relax and enjoy the last weeks of summer while reading a romance.

If you’re looking for other book suggestions, explore our online resource, NoveList Plus. Or sign up for Recommends, our personalized reading suggestions via email service. Or ask Library staff during your next visit.