Come Back to the Library

Rediscover the Library

Full disclosure, I recently started a job at the Clermont County Public Library. As a child, I read tons. And I was always super excited when the bookmobile came to my neighborhood. I actually almost got clocked by a car as a kid because in my excitement of seeing the bookmobile, I darted out in traffic. I spent plenty of time in the Milford Library when I was younger. Part of it was homework, and part of it was because I had a crush on a guy that worked there. Then I became an adult and got busy adulting and barely walked into the library. I live in Milford, and there is the nice, new Miami Township branch that I drove past all the time. But I never stopped in. Dumb.

As part of my interview process, I dropped off thank you notes to the people that interviewed me. I walked into the branch and was warmly greeted by the very nice women working the front desk. One of them even took me on a tour. And, wow. I’ve been missing out. It was so nice to see people using the resources at the library. People working away in the computer lab, excited kids pawing through the shelves looking for books, a man in a comfy seat reading a newspaper. Plus, there’s all kinds of great programs for kids and adults and they are free to enjoy. Lots of crafts. Why didn’t I pay attention to this? I LOVE crafts. The library is such an unused resource for many. Even if you’re not a bookworm, you’re going to find something there that interests you.

The Miami Township Branch

Sign up and get access to so many things!

I visited the website and saw that I have access to TONS of stuff. There’s an online Chilton Library that made me think of watching my dad working on our car as a kid. I can use LinkedIn Learning for Library to access free courses that can help in my career. I went down a wormhole with Ancestry Library Edition looking up the Roll family tree. Don’t even get me started on all of the audiobooks, eBooks and movies you can stream. And the cool thing about all of it is that it didn’t cost me a dime.

So why am I going on about this? Well, September is Library Card Sign-up Month. And if you don’t have a card, or your card has been expired for years (guilty), now’s the perfect time to come back in to any of the branches, get a card, and take advantage of all of this great stuff.  You can tell the nice people at the front desk that I sent you.