Fantastic books to read and enjoy during National Mystery Month

Stack of books next to a tea cup with text that reads "May is National Mystery Month"

I love curling up with a good whodunit whether it’s a classic Golden Age of Detective Fiction by John Dickson Carr, a domestic thriller from Rachel Hawkins, or a gentle cozy set in a bakeshop. Mysteries work so well for me because when they’re well written, they keep me focused on finding out what happens next. I love when a mystery is so compelling that I can’t put it down even though it’s the wee hours of the morning before a work day. I adore puzzling over the possibilities and trying to figure out the murderer and the motive.

In honor of May being National Mystery Month, I’ve rounded up several blog posts with mystery suggestions. These mysteries are suspenseful, well-written, and will keep you guessing until the very end. So, curl up with a good mystery and celebrate National Mystery Month!

National Mystery Month suggestions

Mysteries by Black Authors  Until recently, the mystery genre hasn’t been particularly diverse. When most people think about great detectives, they’re imagining Sherlock Holmes, Miss Marple, Sam Spade or even Nancy Drew. Thankfully, that’s changing. Mysteries are moving from a lack of diversity to more diversity and representation. And that’s a very good thing. Read Mysteries by Black Authors.

Cozy Mysteries With a Witchy Vibe:  Cozy mysteries are the perfect autumn reading; they go delightfully well with a fuzzy blanket, chunky knit sweater, and maybe even a cat on my lap. Cozy mysteries with a witchy element turn up that autumn feel for me with their hints of the supernatural. Read Cozy Mysteries With a Witchy Vibe.

8 Locked Room Mysteries To Keep You Guessing: Puzzles and escape room challenges are more popular now than ever before. If you enjoy figuring out how to escape the seemingly inescapable, consider reading a locked room mystery. This subgenre of mysteries is also called impossible mysteries because while a murder’s been committed it appears that the potential suspects all have airtight alibis. Read more.

5 Series Starters For Cozy Mysteries Set In Libraries: My favorite setting for cozies is when it’s book-related so in a bookstore or even better (not that I’m prejudiced, obviously) is when the mystery involves a librarian. And even better than a library mystery is a series starter. I love knowing that I’ve got multiple books to settle in and get acquainted with the characters and setting. Plus, lots of mysteries to try to untangle before the amateur sleuth does just to see how well my little gray cells are working. Read more.

In closing

Delve into these lists and you’re sure to find a mystery that appeals to you. Celebrate National Mystery Month by getting caught up in figuring out whodunit with one of these crime novels.

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