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Are you ready to learn about the Massacre at Wounded Knee or Nixon’s famous Checker’s Speech? We just added five new History Resources: American History, African American History, American Indian History, Ancient and Medieval History and Modern History.

Let’s get started!

  1. Visit the library’s website
  2. On the top menu bar, go to eLibrary
  3. Go to All databases/eResources
  4. Click History Research Center

From there, the information is separated into:

  • Browsing topics and resources such as Maps, Timelines and Videos
  • Curriculum Tools for Students and Educators
  • Primary Sources


The five history resources

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American History: This resource covers the Colonial period to current events. The topics are organized by subject and era. It covers topics such as American Women’s History, Causes of the Civil War, Civil War Battles, Industrial Revolution and the topic of the U.S. Government which provides the complete U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence. The home suggests a link to Women’s Suffrage and the link provides documents about the suffrage movement up until the nineteenth amendment where women got the right to vote. African-American History: Covers over 500 years of African American History from the beginnings in Africa to colonization and the slave trade to the American Civil War, Reconstruction and Civil Rights Protests. Each topic is organized by time period with documents, letters, speeches, maps and timelines to help you understand how and why it all happened. The home page links to Martin Luther King’s “Letter from Birmingham Jail” to understand his reasons for the Civil Rights protests. American Indian History: This resource describes the native people and societies before European contact and after. It covers the Colonial Era, trade, removal and resistance, Indian wars, reservations, relocation and current issues. The resource provides key court cases, landmark legislation, important treaties, maps, graphs, videos and featured people. The home page offers over 380 videos about Native Americans and after selecting one about the American Indian Movement, I learned they kept theirtribal status while becoming U.S. citizens. Ancient and Medieval History: Covers the entire world from 5000 BCE to 1500 CE. Some topics include Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Medieval Europe and the Islamic World. The resource also provides famous speeches, a selection of literature and religious texts from around the world. It presents videos, slideshows, maps and graphs and a list of important people from the past. It offers translations to classic works such as Beowulf, The Inferno and parts of The Odyssey or you can examine a map of where the Black Death struck Europe during the mid-fourteenth century. History of the ancient world is available at your finger tips. World History: Covers from the time period of 1450 to the present and is organized by era and region. This resource arranges the page by primary sources, featured maps and graphs, featured videos and slideshows and featured people. You can browse different resources on the right hand side of the page such as the section labeled Controversies in History.  The first controversial issue- the Atomic Bombing of Japan- asks the question: “Atomic Bombing of Japan: Barbaric Tactic or Quick Way to End the War?” This is one of many resources offered from this page.


The History Research Center is an incredible resource, no matter what era of history you’re exploring!

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