Podcast: New kids books

During this episode of the Booklovers Podcast, Andrea and I were joined by Cara, one of our favorite guests! She’s the Youth Services Librarian at the Amelia Branch Library. She shared some of her favorite children’s books with us. No matter your age, these are delightful books that you should check out.

Books for babies and toddlers

Anne’s Colors by Kelly Hill

Moby-Dick: An Ocean Primer by Jennifer Adams

Choo! Choo! by Cocoretto

Picture books (ages 4-8 and up!)

Underwear by Jenn Harney

Bear Came Along by Richard T. Morris

Beginning readers (grades K-2)

Mr. Monkey Takes a Hike by Jeff Mack (series)

Informational books for kids

How Do Apples Grow? by Jill McDonald (Hello World series)

How Tall Was a T.Rex? by Alison Limentani

Birthday on Mars! by Sara Schonfeld


Share one of these books with your kids. Or check one out to read for your own enjoyment. Remember you can visit your local library to ask for more suggestions.

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