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I have always loved creating. As a kid I was always coloring, painting, and crafting. As I got older, I continued to find joy in making. I spent many hours in high school making jewelry with friends. I still enjoy being creative; however, full-time work and full-time life as a parent have limited the time […]

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Top Writing Tips to Beat Writer’s Block

Everyone is busy, especially at this time of year. Even so, try not to let your writing fall to the wayside. I say this because I’ve noticed that if I take a hiatus from writing, it’s harder to get back into the groove.


7 Fabulous Ways to Repurpose an Old Book

Do you have piles of old books stashed in the attic, garage or basement? The ones without covers. The ones that got dropped in a puddle or the bathtub. As a booklover, you hate to throw out a book but what do you do with the old or unwanted ones?

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Adult Coloring Books = Stress Relief

If you are feeling stressed out and anxious your doctor might suggest that you buy a box of crayons and color.  Walk into any store and you will most likely see a display of adult coloring books.  There are a variety of adult coloring books:  from animals and garden to popular TV shows.  The most […]

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Art or Junk?

Many of us creative types have to overcome a sense of paranoia about our own work. Is it good enough? Who am I kidding? No one will ever like this! Mom was right I should have gotten a real job! Sometimes facing the blank page or empty canvas can be like climbing a mountain in […]

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Creativity and David Bowie

January is International Creativity Month, and the sad fact that David Bowie passed away on January 10 has many people marveling at the extraordinarily creative person he was. How can his creative processes inspire us? His list of accomplishments is staggering: singer, songwriter, performer, record producer, actor, playwright, visual artist, and successful businessman. Cameron Crowe […]

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